Thursday, December 30, 2010

You might be right

 I had a stomach bug this week, but the show had to go on. What do you do when you have three little ones to entertain and its too cold to get outside to play? If you said make clay ornaments and let the kids paint them, you might be right.

 if you think I took every possible precaution in an effort to lessen the mess by lining cookie sheets with foil, you might be right

 if it looks to you like things were going well and every bit of paint was on the ornaments and not the children, table, pajamas, or chairs, you might be right 

 (but then again, you might not be)

if it looks like despite my trying to make this a clean project, paint ended up from one end of the kitchen to the other, you might be right.
If you think that it was worth over an hour of cheap entertainment, no fighting, sweet conversation, and this sick momma getting to lay on the couch and observe the little ones, you ARE right. 

p.s. it you think it was washable paint, you might be right...I'm not that crazy :)

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