Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

Our family had a great Christmas. Actually, we had three great Christmas celebrations! We started our festivities at my in-laws house the weekend before Christmas. 
 there was great food

 fun people to visit and play with

 and the kids really enjoyed playing with their cousins. 
After M and Doc's house, we went to my parent's house. It was around this time that my camera needed a recharge, which I left at home. There was great food, good visiting, and we even went to see 'Tangled', which I LOVE!!! It was great visiting with everyone and getting to see not only my parents but grandparents as well! We then headed home to get ready for Santa's official visit.

On Christmas Eve, we went to mass and sat with our friends, the Riddochs. We had dinner at home and watched some Christmas movies before heading up to get our children all nestled all snug in their beds. 
 Santa came

 the sugar plums waiting at the gate Santa put at the top of the stairs to ensure that Mom and Dad were part of the Christmas gift unwrapping

 clearly, this Rapunzel wig was a Mr. Claus gift as Mrs. Claus would never envision one more thing in the house that needed brushing or washing (but she LOVES it and it is cute!)!
 later Christmas day, Doc, M, and Grandma Wilbert came over for dinner
 the food turned out (whew!), the kids were perfectly behaved, and everyone had a good time. Later that night it snowed (we had a WHITE Christmas!!!) and we woke up to this
Super Dad took the kids out in the snow, made them hot chocolate and lunch, played with the sweeties, watched a movie with them, got them down and back up from a nap, and made dinner (I was in bed with a stomach bug and migraine). What a wonderful, magical Christmas! 

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