Monday, December 27, 2010

easy bake

Gigi and Gramps gave the girls the Easy Bake Deluxe Delights this year for Christmas and they were itching to try it's snow day was the perfect chance!

with washed hands and princess dresses, they were ready to begin
 dump, add water, stir, and lick
 microwave for 30 seconds
 add fondant

 and eat
these were raspberry cakes with purple fondant
luckily, there were three kids and it made three cakes so I needn't partake
 then they made chocolate cakes with hot pink fondant

 and these were the chocolate chip cookies
is it me, or does he look hesitant to try what the girl's made?
although not appetizing to me, the kids thought these treats not only looked amazing, but tasted great too! 

what a fun morning! Thanks Gigi and Gramps!

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