Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Another Day, Another Tunic

cute picture? yes.
totally posed affection? you bet.

cute tunic? yes.
easy to make, stylish, fun evening football project? uh huh!
You already know that I love anything SisBoom and Jennifer Paganelli related and this pattern is one of my favorites. Emma Kate picked this fabric online and asked for a shirt...her only request was to add a bow. 
A bow? GREAT IDEA! Why did I not think of this? I love it with the bow (the pattern has directions for adding bows and other closures I just never thought about it. Once I made my first one, I just kept making them assembly line style, all the exact same).

The fabric is from one of my favorite etsy shops, Raspberry Creek. Diana carries my favorite designers, but also carries a TON of fun kid prints. My girls poured over her shop pages forever choosing their favorites!
These were some of their top picks...
all under 8.50 a yard!
There is also lots of flannel and I've seen some cute pajama patterns out there...think it might be time for my next order! Visit Raspberry Creek and pick out some fresh and fun fabric!

looking for the pattern? Go visit Carla (the genius behind all the SisBoom patterns).
This one is the Sophie Pattern...
but there are many, many more wonderful patterns by go visit her!


  1. Emma Kate is one smart cookie, the bow is perfect. I love the fabric and the little one in it. What abeautiful girl.

  2. oh how cute. i love the fabric you chose.