Monday, October 31, 2011


I sewed in college (I know, party animal right?) but didn't pick it back up again until recently and so much has changed! Gone are the standard patterns with hard to read instructions and flimsy tissue paper (well, they aren't gone exactly, but there are MANY alternatives now!). When I first tip toed into the sewing world again this summer, I started small with little zippered pouches and never dreamt that I would be sewing clothing for myself, but never the less, I saw this pattern and fell in love! Then I got to know Jennifer and her lovely fabrics and fell even more in love. Then I got to know Carla, the patten creator, and got determined. I was going to sew a shirt! 
Swimsuit cover up? yep.
Tunic with skinny jeans and boots? uh huh!
Breezy spring shirt with white pants? oh, yes!
plain jane top with mom jeans? no way jose!

This pattern is a pdf pattern that you print off your computer and follow along with your computer for step by step instructions and pictures. Because I had just begun sewing again, I was unfamiliar with the terms and techniques used in this shirt, but Carla explains every step as if the person sewing has never made a thing before (perfect, right?!). You can alter the length, arm shape, and even shape of the tunic to cater to your body style. The biggest tip I would offer would be to take some measurements of your body before you assume you are a certain size. I've always thought of myself as a certain size, but in this pattern, I actually went down one (woo hoo!) size.

This fabric is from the poodle line, which is an older line so you may want to hunt some down before it gets hard to come by. The geometric print is Marnie and the main print is Tanya and as you probably guessed, both are by Sis Boom Jennifer Paganelli. 

You can still find some poodle online. 
I got the Marnie in green from Contemporary Cloth. Sondra has TONS of fun fabrics and lots of fabrics that you'll never find elsewhere. Her shop is really a well organized one and right now she is having a MEGA sale with 20% off holiday prints and a huge clearance section.  You can also purchase fabric form her by the 1/4 yard, which is rare.

The Tanya Print I got from Fashionable Fabrics. Fashionable Fabrics is sort of fabric wonderland for me.   I could spend hours perusing the pages of fabric they offer. You can also get fun things like ric rac, appliques, elastic,  and sewing patterns. They have a flat 4.95 shipping rate which is a huge deal if you are ordering a good bit as fabric is heavy! 
Happy Shopping!


  1. I've been thinking about making that tunic for myself, so thanks for showing it stitched up. Very cute fabric choices!

  2. Absolutely adorable, love what you did!

  3. hey, you commented today on my post re: the Jamie dress!!! yes, I'm in Raleigh too! You did a great job on this tunic. I had thought about getting this pattern since the dress turned out so nice.