Friday, October 7, 2011

Liverpool Tunic

When I told you that I was enjoying all the football, I meant it! A few weeks ago, I received the most beautiful fabric and knew right away that I wanted to make the Liverpool Tunic by Amy Butler with it. I love button up shirts and I love tunic length tops, so this was win-win. It was also a sort of course in sewing; collars, collar stands, buttonholes, buttons, cuffs, french seams, and darts. While I knew very little when I started this project, I feel like I learned a ton along the way and like the way it turned out. Every step is explained and illustrated, which is why her patterns are worth every penny!

The lovely fabric is by none other than my sweet friend, Jennifer Paganelli and is from her So St. Croix line. This line is getting harder and harder to find, but I found a great source for this line and many others! Becky from Clothesline fabrics not only carries this line (and the Poodle line) but she has them priced at $6.25 a yard!!! I only used about 2.5 yards for the shirt above, so you can see how economical sewing for yourself can be! Becky also has Dena, Studio e, and Windham fabrics and some are under $5 a yard. She is a real find! If after all of my postings on sewing, you still aren't taking it up, you can visit Becky's other shop, Granny B's Clothesline, which features BEAUTIFUL clothing already made for you like pillowcase dresses, matched shirts and pants, and monogrammed items. My girls are drooling over her peasant dresses and the embroidered bloomers would make a great baby gift.

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