Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Meaning of Christmas

When you are a kid and hear adults talk about the REAL meaning of Christmas, you can't imagine that you'll ever feel that way. I remember hearing my mom say that seeing us open our gifts was more fun for her than getting any of her own and I thought she was nuts. Slowly though, it sinks in as you grow and mature. Christmas IS so much more than gifts. This year, Matthew and I have made a point of having the kids help us pick out gifts for others so they get a sense of the giving part of Christmas. 
I think its starting to make an impression as on our last trip to Target, Emma Kate asked who could she buy a gift for this time without asking to look at anything for herself. We keep reiterating that giving gifts and good friends are much more important than opening a new toy. 
We've been blessed with some really, really great friends. The kind who call you and check on you when you are sick. The kind who drop everything and bring you a treat at your door when you've had a busy month. The kind who don't get upset if you don't return their call right away.
No doubt friends like this are a gift! 
We did a little Christmassing with some of these really, really good friends. Our kids love their kids, we love them, and everyone gets along beautifully. 
It was a treat to get together, share a wonderful meal, give a few gifts, and visit.

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  1. Awww what great kids you have! Looks like they are really getting into the season of giving. :)