Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Favorite Dress

I am one of the people who gets more than a little upset to see stores display Christmas decorations before Halloween. I refuse to even think about Christmas before I celebrate thanksgiving. So why am I showing you the Easter dresses I made the girls? So you can grab the pattern and make a few too! Make some out of corduroy for Christmas or a sweet girly pattern for Valentine's Day...
By now, I've sewn several dresses for the girls and have had great luck with the patterns I've used and outcomes I've had, but this one is by far my favorite to date. The girls kept me company as I sewed this one by playing Barbie's and putting on a Taylor Swift knock-off concert for me as I worked, surely this added to my love of this dress.
The pattern came from Lily Bird Studio
Cecilia of Lily Bird Studio makes some of the neatest patterns. They are easy to follow and she gives attention to detail. This particular dress has you making piping, which I have never attempted, but her pattern gives step-by-step instructions with color photographs. Although I love the patterns I am seeing all over etsy and online, Cecilia's are unique and not at all "cookie cutter" versions of dresses you see everywhere. 
The fabric? You know it is Jennifer Paganelli, right? Still love her!
The cute prints came from 
Becky carries great fabrics! She has several of Jennifer Paganelli prints for under $7 a yard as well as many other great designers at super low prices. 
Just in case you aren't a seamstress and have no intention of making perfectly adorable clothing yourself, Becky has a shop of hand made pieces in her shop, Granny B's Clothesline. From pillowcase dresses to sweet baby gifts, monogrammed goodies to birthday tee-shirts (I am drooling over these...can't you see these for a photoshoot?) , Becky's boutique is just precious!

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  1. Adorable! I cant wait until you teach me to sew:) Maybe after the holidays!