Sunday, December 4, 2011


There are a lot of instances in life where buying cheap or generic saves you money but there are times where quality matters. I didn't know that thread was one of those instances...but oh-boy, is it! Aurifil thread is my new favorite. It is silky, doesn't break as you are sewing, threads through a needle easier, but best of all, doesn't make a lint mess in your machine. I clean my machine and re-oil every 3-5 full bobbins and the lint that accumulates is an oddity. Since switching from "cheap" thread (the kind you get at your craft shop or superstore) to Aurifil, I am amazed at how much quieter and cleaner my machine has been! Also, the nerd in me did a quick cost tally and found that Aurifil is actually less expensive or  the same price as what you get at your bargain craft shop! For a spool of your basic thread that is 400 yards, you will spend about $2.50-$3.00. For a large cone of Aurifil that has 1422 yards Pumpkinvine Corner sells it for $8.39....BUT if you use the code "nest" at cheackout,  Jean will reconfigure the price of the spools to be $7.99 {offer good through 12/31 so hurry and stock up}!
{Pumpkinvine doesn't just offer thread, oh-no! You will find patterns, books, stencils, and some of the cutest decorative wire hangers. } is a great video on cleaning and oiling your machine

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  1. Wow! I am impressed with all your sewing adventures. I may need to put in an order from your Etsy store for decorative bunting for the baby's nursery!