Monday, December 23, 2013

November, December: Merry Christmas

In November, we went to Kansas to visit Matt's family. We had THE BEST time! It was so nice getting to see his relatives. There were parties, dinners, Thanksgiving meals, mass together, and indoor swimming. It always goes by WAY TOO FAST! Matt's uncle Joe grabbed a shot of us. Joe is a great guy and a great photographer.

This was the shot I was going to use for Christmas cards...but cards didn't actually happen this year. We  were having too much fun baking, visiting, going to parties, making crafts, and celebrating. I am pretty sure if I had one thing more on my to-do list, I might scream. Or pull my hair out. Or worse...not get around to sugar cookies. I opted this year to visit in person, email, call, and blog to loved ones. They'd rather that then have a anxious, bald version of me that came with no cookies. Christmas shouldn't be about a chock-full to-do list and so I just eliminated it...that is my story and I am sticking to it. Maybe St. Patrick's Day will be our family's card giving holiday. Or July 4th.
In all seriousness, we are more than blessed to have a circle of family and friends who love us more than we deserve to be loved. Merry Christmas, we love you BIG!

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