Monday, December 23, 2013


WHOA, Nelly! Last blog update was in July. It's now the end of December?! I can give you a multitude of excuses, but all basically boil down to life being busy (I also am working at the kid's school now)! As the kids get older, we are home less and less and they are doing more and more. As it goes here in North Carolina, 7 year olds can't drive themselves to dance and soccer, so we are on the go! I am going to do one big monster of an upload today month by month. 
Here are a few lone shots from August. It was HOT this August and we spent most of it at the pool. The afternoons were often too hot to play outdoors, so we rented Wii games to get some energy out without melting. Dance games were the favorites for the girls. Sam was a great coach.

 He is SUCH a stinker. I could bite him.

Documented proof that they don't fight all the time...

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