Monday, December 23, 2013


Caroline has NEVER had a Halloween costume that didn't require a wig. This year was no different. She wanted to be Mack from Teen Beach Movie. A lot of research and online hunting went into this, but I think we nailed it! 

No. I didn't post her. Please!

Sam took a break from being Mario for the last two years and went in an entirely different direction.
This year he was Luigi. Different, right?

Emma Kate didn't want a costume. We talked her into a Hello Kitty one that she said she liked. When it arrived, she hated it and cried. Did she want anything else? A trip to Target proved that she didn't. We were able to make her happy with drawing on whiskers and the Hello Kitty headband. She was happy, so I was happy.
note to self: don't pay for a costume let alone expedited shipping if she says she doesn't want a costume.

Still adorable.
We walked the entire neighborhood! It was warm, no jackets were needed, and we hit up every house!

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