Saturday, May 9, 2009


OK Nancy, this one is for you! On my friend Nancy's blog, she interviewed her daughter, Anna Jane, all about her and posted her responses. This was so cute that I had to grab Caroline and ask her the same questions. Not so easy! She was dancing all around during our interview. Some of the answers made sense, some were random and left me wondering. I will note that while I was typing her replies, she had a computer cord around her neck like a stethoscope and was pretending to be a doctor fixing me. Here are her replies...I'll jump in and explain where I need to!

How old is your Mom? 20 (off to a good start)
What does your Mom look like? she's tall and she has a circle head
What does your Mom do for fun? jump rope (can't recall doing this since grade 3)
What do you like best about your Mom? Diego (her new bedtime allows her to stay up and watch him)
What does your Mom do for you? gives me chocolate
Why does Daddy love your Mom? because he loves Kristen
What is your Mom's favorite color? pink (it's blue)
food? strawberries (not EVEN close)
drink? Coca Cola (Diet, thank-you-very-much)
restaurant? Dinnertime
friend? Daddy
animal? A cow piggy (huh?)
song? B-I-N-G-O (note to self, time to get on iTunes)
What is something that your Mom says to you? no!
What makes Mom happy? "Please I can come in there?" (mimicking how I expect manners...she's right)
What makes Mom sad? losing me at Target (our own inside joke. never actually happened!)
What makes Mom mad? Reynolds (our dog who is always taking food out of Emma and Sam's hands)
What makes Mom laugh? funny faces
What does Mom do to make you laugh? sing
How tall is Mom? so little
What does your Mom do when you are not around? gets some more milk
If your Mom became famous, what would it be for? dancing a dancy dance on Yo Gabba Gabba
What is something that your Mom is really good at? trying a new game
What is your Mom not very good at? puzzles (I beg to differ)
What does your Mom do for a job? playing on the computer (busted!)
What do you do that makes your Mom proud? eat like a big girl
What makes you proud of your Mom? stays in bed to watch TV with me
What is something that you and Mom do together? print and color "Yo Gabba Gabba"pages
How are you and your Mom the same? we're not
How are you different? because you love me (that one stings a little. I'll ask her again later :)
How do you know your Mom loves you? I just know she does a lot

all in all, not bad. Surely Katie Couric has had harder interviews. Happy Mother's Day to my Mom and Mother in law, and to all my Mom-Friends!

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