Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Toad in the Hole

I do not like useless gadgets. I periodically go through my kitchen tool drawer and toss odds and ends that I don't use. You would think that I wouldn't be so nuts about infomercials then, right? Wrong. I never order from them, but I catch myself watching them over and over. If the shipping charges weren't so high, I would probably order things off of the television quite frequently (yes, I know they sell "as seen on TV" items in the stores now, but it isn't the same). One infomercial that always catches my attention is for the GT Xpress 101.The new version is called the "GT Redi-Set-Go". Long story short, my grandmother received an extra GT Xpress 101 machine when ordering a recipe booklet for the machine she owns and gave it to me. So far, I have used it to make french toast, grilled cheese, and this morning a "toad in the hole". The kids loved it! It bakes everything up much fluffier than a pan or oven. I am hooked!

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