Tuesday, May 26, 2009

this and that...

We met with friends today at Chik-Fil-A and then went to a park and can you believe that I forgot my camera? Picture this: it had rained this morning. The park was filled with tiny puddles and soft mud. The trains and tunnels had little streams of water and dirt floating in them. The two girls played and splashed a bit, but my guy, Sam was so filthy that I had to strip him down to just his diaper and rinse him off in the bathroom. Now mind you, I am not complaining. We had a blast. It was fun for them to feel the mud and run free, what's a load of laundry for that? I will say it again, I am so blessed to have met other women with children the same ages as mine. I enjoy their company immensely and the mud in my van, kitchen floor, and washing machine should prove it :) Thanks for a great afternoon ladies (and here's to a good nap!).

latest quotes from Caroline:
On opening a new box of graham crackers:
"Mommy, these are the best crackers I've had in my whole life. I've been waiting for them forever!"

on Emma getting up from a nap:
"Emma! There you are! I've been waiting my whole life for you, I love you"

on asking her to pick up the kitchen mess that SHE made:
"What will you give me?"
me: "nothing, you made the mess, so you have to clean it up."
"No, thank you Mommy. I don't think I want to clean it up then".

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