Monday, May 17, 2010

Birthday: Take three

Nonna was more excited to give gifts than Caroline was to open them...almost anyway
Papa and Emma Kate
gifts from M
such a cutie
if you could only hear her sweet giggles
well, he is, you know
playing in the sprinklers
gathering around M's bean dip (are they MY kids, or what?!)
Gigi and Sam
Matt and M
Sweet Caroline enduring one more round of "Happy Birthday"
Emma Kate playing with my hair
Love this one of Gigi and Sweet Caroline
Papa and Emma Kate
Caroline's birthday was May 3. You probably remember my post (pizza, Barbie cake, new bike). She also was sung to and had a special treat (Rice Krispie Cupcakes...preschool-allergy friendly) at school. Then we celebrated at my Mom and Dad's with my grandparents and Matt's mom (we missed you Doc). This past weekend we had her birthday party with friends. I guess when you turn 4 you get to celebrate four times?! We cannot continue this trend...can you imagine what it will be like when she turns twelve?

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