Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Sweet Caroline

the day started with breakfast on request: cheese grits in her princess bowl, toast with extra butter, milk with ice in her CInderella cup

presents so patiently waited for
new bike

art supplies from Aunt Mindy
making homemade pizzas
the BEST pizza we've ever more frozen pizza in this house!
pineapple pizza for C and Me
Barbie Island Princess cake with 4 candles
birthday bath (in Mommy's bath with extra bubbles)
Matthew and I were probably just as excited to celebrate with Caroline as she was to have a birthday. This is the first birthday that she really was into it and understood what a birthday was all about. I love that she was not just into the gifts, but took joy in choosing her cake flavor, breakfast, and dinner. Caroline continues to be a true joy to us. She made us what no one else ever had...parents. Happy Birthday Sweet Caroline!

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