Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cecilia's Birthday

Caroline's friend, Cecilia, had her birthday at the Durham museum of life and science. Wow! What a cool place! They had bugs for the kids to touch, a dinosaur trail, fossil dig site, real black bears, farm animals, and a huge playground with picnic area...and that was just the outside! While we did make it into the butterfly house and bug exhibits, we didn't get a chance to take a look around the main building. We will certainly be going back to tour the inside of the facility and revisit the outdoors again.
making bug hats
modeling the finished product
inside the butterfly house
outside near a nest of dinosaur eggs with Matthew and Brayden
doing a puzzle (love the legs!)
looking at a taranchula spinning a web
touching a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach...go girl!
Brayden, Matthew, Julia A., and Caroline
Julia A., Caroline, and Julia K.

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