Friday, May 28, 2010

Keepin' it real

Real life here isn't always three perfectly matched, clean children posed on a sofa in a tidy room. To get those pictures, the kind where all of the kids are looking at the camera and all of them smiling, I usually have to take about twenty (no exaggeration) and then crop and edit. Those are the kind I strive for and work really hard at getting, but these are the real snapshots of our everyday life:
peanut butter and toast crumbs from breakfast still on sweet but silly faces

messy, sweaty ponytails with a dirty bunny and a bathing suit in place of clothes
a milk beard, a scratch from his sister, and an arm in front of the camera
television on, Nascar shirt from Nonna, and the ever present Buzz and Woody
this is a real glimpse into my life...and I love it.

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