Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Doughnuts, Haircuts, and the Pool

it used to be a very special event for Matt to get up a little early and get doughnuts...but it makes the rest of us so incredibly happy, that he has been going almost every weekend...yummy!

Emma Kate was having some WILD hair and it was time for a trim...really her only second one ever. All I did was take a little off the bottom to make it even and trimmed her bangs, which had sort of been growing, but going no where. She looks beautiful and was quite pleased with herself. 
Caroline let me take a couple inches of the length of hers as was getting long, but stringy and frizzy. It looks much more clean and healthy now...very sweet girls to sit so still and patient with me. 
Sam didn't get a hair cut, but look at this face!
We took the kids to the pool this weekend and the girls are getting so good at maneuvering with the water wings. Sam didn't really do a lot in the water, but towards the end of the day, he did jump to Matt a few times from the edge.

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