Friday, July 16, 2010

Good Friday

whew. we made it. this has been some week! I've have some nasty migraines and my three precious angels have been fighting like gladiators and vikings (cats and dogs? oh puh-leeze! not even!). I am never sure if I should break up the fights or let them work it I do a mixture of the two to cover my self. 

Today was a great day though. everyone slept well last night. sweet happy faces (that let me sleep in until 7) greeted me at breakfast. there was no fighting during my coffee time. the weather was nice and we went to the pool (no one was sunburnt). my friend brought over lunch. the kids did arts and crafts after lunch. long naps. happy faces after naps...what a wonderful day! 
have a great weekend...I'd say we've already started a good one here! 

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  1. That Sam cracks me up! Love the pics!