Thursday, July 8, 2010

Park Fun

Last week, we had unseasonably cool (wonderfully cool) weather. I am talking about the kind of summer weather where you could actually go outside and play. The kids and I met Tiffany and boys at the park and had a great time, ate a picnic lunch, and got  yoga demonstration.
it may be because I am her mother, but I just don't get tired of this those freckles and blue eyes
Camden and Mason
Camden making bubbles
Sam and Caroline running around catching bubbles
more bubbles
another face I can't get enough of...I could just pinch her

yep, yet one more face I can't reach my fill of! I take no credit for their preciousness, they came to me this delicious!
while at the park Sam tried on two hats and a bike helmet, none of which belonged to him.
did he wear the ball cap I brought for him? you know the answer to this.

we were all a little curious, impressed, and weirded out by some of the yoga and stretching moves we saw in the park. Mason was the only one brave enough to get closer look.

Caroline wasn't into riding her bike around the loop, but she did enjoy running around it after Camden asked her to...track star in the making?


  1. We love that park! Sam looks like he is ready for a bike!!!

  2. I love the picture of Caroline and her precious freckles. So cute!