Monday, March 14, 2011


Our family has lots of firsts: first dog, first house, first baby, first (and last) set of twins, and now our first hospital visit (and hopefully last too). Last wednesday Emma Kate's cough took a turn for the worse and by dark, she was wheezing and her chest was caving in and tugging with every rapid breath. These sort of things seem to happen after our pediatrician's office closes or when Matthew is out for the evening. In this case, both. After speaking with Doc as well as the pediatrician on call, I called Matthew home (he was entertaining a client at a hockey game) and once here, he scooped her up and off they went to the emergency room. I expected a diagnosis of pneumonia or RSV, but wasn't prepared for the word "asthama". The wonderful doctors at the hospital suspect that the respiratory virus that EK had brought on a asthmatic reaction. After many, many breathing treatments (which she handled like a real champ) and several days of steroids, our Emma Kate is back to herself again and feeling great. It was definitely scary for us, but I am thankful that it was only this that we were being seen for. I can only imagine what sad situations parents must face at that very same hospital and am thankful for the health of Emma Kate as well as Caroline and Sam. 
To those of you who emailed us, brought donuts, watched our other kids, brought donuts, prayed with and for us, texted sweet messages, called us, and brought donuts, I owe you a HUGE THANKYOU! I am so grateful that we are surrounded by the kind of people who make a frightening situation easier to go through and who love us so much.


  1. She looks beautiful even in the hospital! Glad all is better!

  2. those are scary times, for sure. happy your little girl is on the mend:)