Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Who do your kids think YOU are?

My Disney preoccupied children compared me to a Disney character today. Tinkerbell? Nope.
Cinderella? I wish. That only happened once and it when I was mopping the floor on my hands and knees.
Belle? Not a chance. They don't even like it if I sing when she does when we watch the DVD.
No, my sweet children compared me to Sid from Toy Story (Toy Story "1" I might add. They are very specific when it comes to Disney facts).  I promise you I am not dismantling their toys during nap time (what nap time?) to earn this comparison. I guess we do share a slight resemblance...
Let's make a date for two years from now.  The menu will consist of popcorn, gummy bears (Haribo only please), and Sour brite crawlers. 


  1. I literally just laughed out loud! SID?! WHAT?! I never saw that coming haha! great post hun!

  2. Oh gosh... I didn't see that coming AT. ALL! ha ha! thanks for the giggle!
    And my 4 are TOTALLY specific when it comes to Disney movies and their sequels... I think they'd kick my butt at Disney Trivia!

  3. So glad t know where Jonah's braces ended up! I would never have thought you needed them, you have a lovely smile! Hope they don't feel too bad and for the record...our boys ate everything on the "do not eat" list!