Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A good day

Today has been a very good day. The kids and I hit the trails and had a wonderful morning at the lake. We spent over two hours walking, talking, discovering, and bird watching. The sun was out, the breeze was cool, and we got some exercise. 
Funny comments made on the trip:
Caroline (upon seeing a dog being walked): "Well, I'll tell you one thing; that dog is either a boy or a girl"
Sam (watching an elderly woman walk towards us): "Wow! Look at her! She is BEAUTIFUL! Mommy! Look at her!" She was pretty cute and sassy in her hot pink skirt, pink turtleneck, black support hose and sneakers, and a yellow ball cap. It made her smile and probably made her day (I hope).
Emma (upon seeing a Hawk scoop down near us and pick up a snake): How about that! That bird might have that for lunch. Or maybe, dinner!
but my favorite comment of the day...
Emma (a young college aged guy running towards us sans shirt): "Mommy! That man is out here running around naked. Naked! He has no clothes on!" Of course, he wasn't listening to an ipod, but at least he giggled.

While the girls ran around exploring, Sam wanted to hold my hand and walk with me. Oh, how he melts me!
then again...
did I mention that the trail is two miles long? 


  1. Oh what a glorious day with your kids! THAT is what memories are made of. They won't care to remember what toys you lavished on them, what they will cherish will be the TIME that you spent. I keep telling myself this when an imminent meltdown is on the verge while we pass through the toy department!!

  2. hahaha, i need to hang out with sam:)