Friday, April 15, 2011

Just stay little

When Caroline was a baby, she wore lots of clothes from Carter's and many of the pieces had a saying on them; "just stay little". As a hormonal new mother, this line used to choke me up. Even holding my newborn, I had a sense that this was all going to go way to fast. There are some days that I am more than ready to enter into the next phase of life (the sassiness, messiness, whininess can wear on you) but then there are days like yesterday that I wish I could freeze. 
After school, the kids and I stayed and played on the playground. It is a beautiful area with trees and mulch and flowers...just lovely. It was one of those times where they all three played together, got along, shared snacks, and enjoyed being with one another. Fresh air and vitamin D sometimes are just what you need. On days like these, it was never more true that I wish they would just stay little.

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