Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I got braces...
then I got a quad helix on the top...
and a lower lingual expander on the bottom

 ...and now there's an app for that. 
Matthew and I are loving our iphones and all of the apps you can download onto them. My latest is called My Braces. I got braces in March in an attempt to correct a bite that causes TMJ and pops in and out of allignment. This app tracks your progress, lets you know what to expect at different points of time in your treatment, documents your journey with pictures and captions along the way, and has a community board for support, questions, and advice. My favorite part is the progress tracker on the bottom, which is computed by the dates you feed it when setting up for account. It tells how long you've been banded and has practical advice like how to floss, what to eat or not eat, and what to do if you run into a technical problem with your hardware. So neat (the app, not having braces).

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  1. There is a braces app??? I had no idea. What will they think of next??