Friday, April 8, 2011

just the stats ma'am

My babies turned three and today was their three year well visit. Or should I say, "well" visit? While getting checked out, the good doctor let me know that Emma Kate does indeed have seasonal allergies, but the reason she seems so miserable is that she has a sinus infection too! 

Sam and Emma Kate are age appropriate in verbal, motor, and cognitive skills. Vision and hearing are both good and they were quite interested in their check-ups. 

Emma Kate 
weight: 27.8 pounds (20th percentile)
height: 36 1/2 inches (24th percentile)
weight: 29.8 pounds (30th percentile)
height: 37 inches (27th percentile)

I thought they had long ago surpassed the 30 pound mark, but clearly, I was wrong. I was assured that they are getting the calories, and therefore are eating enough, because their measurements are very proportional. All in all, a good visit... 
although, I didn't know they'd be getting a shot today and that may have been the reason they tricked me into getting an icee while we waiting for EK's prescription. 


  1. Glad I got to see y'all yesterday, even if it was to get drugs! Hope Emma Kate feels better quickly! Have a good weekend :)

  2. WOW, didn't know you could be in the 30th percentile of anything. My kiddos are always 50th in height and 90th in weight. :) I've got me some football players. Haha.

    Glad the visits went well and I hope Emma Kate gets to feeling better soon. It's too nice to be feeling miserable.

    I always admire how you update your blog. I never feel like I have anything blog-worthy. I enjoy reading what's all happenin' at the Dellasega house!