Friday, November 18, 2011

Grand Opening

the code (grandopening) wasn't working but now is up and running. 
also, I am not meant to be in business. the love and support my in-real-life friends have shown my little business is overwhelming and makes my heart swell, but also makes me feel guilty! I just want to give it all away to you!

I LOVE to sew and love to blog about sewing but I can only use to many purses, pouches, and trinkets. See something you want on this blog? Walk your shopping fingers on over to my new etsy shop where I am putting a few overflow blog models up for sale.

Not everything I make and show on the blog will make it to the shop...some pattern makers prefer you not use their patterns for commercial sales and I will honor that. Some allow it in small quantities as will always be the case (three kids, two dogs, one husband...there simply isn't enough time to sew in large quantities!). The more I sell and move out of here, the more fabric I can buy!
Grand Opening Special:
Free shipping (no code needed)
20% off with code: GRANDOPENING