Monday, November 14, 2011

iPad Cover

Technically, the iPad is mine ours, as in the adults. It seems that we are the ones who get the chance to use it the least. I love to have it in my sewing room because I can catch up on missed episodes of Desperate Housewives, but they nab it from me. Most of the aps we have are educational but we do still limit screen time. 
So, when I found the device sleeve cover (Kindle, Nook, and iPad cover patterns) on etsy in Jasmine's Art works shop, I had to try it out. Maybe it would disguise my iPad or make it so girly with pretty fabric that no one would see it or even want it anymore.
yep, this oughtta do it
 I love the fabric. I love to button and that it is padded and sturdy. I loved getting to play with the decorative stitches of my new machine and I love that the iPad will again be mine ours.
and I love the labels!
Jasmine has some of the cutest and easiest patterns! Visit her for this and many more! She has a super cute boy's necktie patterns I am going to try soon.
The beautiful fabric (which I had been hoarding because I didn't want to use it up) is the Heirloom collection by Joel Dewberry. I LOVE JOEL DEWBERRY and I LOVE the Heirloom collection (remember the table runner?). I got a bundle (several large fat quarters cuts from the same line all packaged up and sent) of JD Heirloom from the Fabric Shoppe on esty. If you aren't sure what fabrics look great together, Jody has lots of pre-made bundles that are project ready...even Amy Butler's Lark line as well as lots of Joel Dewberry and Christmas prints. She has the cutest combinations and her prices  are wonderful! The hardest part is picking what to get!
so did my clever and oh-so-cute iPad disguise cover work?
no, but it is still cute (and so are they).

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  1. My two oldest are OBSESSED with the iPad. Tatum calls it Peekaboo Barn after the app! Ha! Always asking for it. I did switch my cover and put it on my husband's iPad, so they would steal his and not mine! HA!