Thursday, November 10, 2011

I'm Lovin' It

I'm lovin' that this sweet little one is back in the nest. I'm loving every single loving comment left on this blog. I'm over-the-moon grateful for the love given to us by the hospital staff, our amazing friends, and our wonderful family. I could gush all day.

Other little things I am lovin'

I'm lovin' it even more when I eat it on a fancy plate in my sewing room while everyone is quiet along with my hot cup of pumpkin spice coffee in my favorite coffee cup from my friend Katharine (how 'bout that for run-on sentence? I'm lovin' run on sentences).

 I'm more than lovin' these sewing pins that are shaped like birds. 
I was so excited that Ariella makes these and sent them to me. Her pins (and other sweet items like felt flowers) are the happiest things to get! Visit her at Piece of Peace for some great (and unbelievably inexpensive) gift ideas. 
Suzann is the smarty pants behind Bobbin Blooms and you know, I am LOVIN' em. I love to have things in my sewing room that are decorative but still useful (I love cute but I hate clutter) and these are really a genius item. Any type or size thread work with these and they are just the cutest! Sort of the product that makes you wonder why you didn't think of it! I know you want some...don't worry, I've got a set for you!
And lastly, I am lovin' my new bag from Lucky Cann. I have the Iris bag and have been using it non-stop for a few weeks now. It is roomy, durable, and the handles are comfortable. They lay flat and don't slip. It is washable and has lots of sturdy pockets. Her colors are even nicer in person and these bags are really, really well made. You want one of these too, don't you? Because you're lovin' it, right?  Ann from Lucky Cann sent me two for me to gift away to you when she sent mine to me. 
Grandest Prize for one of my wonderful followers is the Tiffany Blue Lucky Cann bag (you'll be lovin' it) and a set of Bobbin Blooms. Go ahead, pinch yourself, just make sure you leave a comment so I know that you want one!

Grand Prize is the Pretty Pink Lucky Cann bag (yep, you'll be lovin' this one too). Again, you are already a follower (right?) so leave me a comment so I know that you are (all together now...) lovin' it!

Winners drawn and announced on Thursday, November 17.
I'm linking up with Tidy Mom because she is lovin' it too!


  1. Oh wow, those bags are gorgeous!

    I love those little bird pins. How cute are they? I totally want to get my sewing machine out now.

  2. So lovin' the pink's totally awesome!


  3. I'd love to win one of these adorable bags! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  4. I love those bags! And now I'm hungry for some McDonald's (I'm lovin' it!) I see a breakfast on stop on my way to Target today...

  5. I am SO HAPPY to see that she is home!! How wonderful! I hope it wasn't too awfully traumatic for any of you!

    These bags are gorgeous! I've never seen them before! Thank you so much for the chance to win one! You rock!

  6. Um WHOA seriously? This is the best giveaway! I want one girl! Now I see I do need to take up sewing for those little bird pins.

  7. And of course I follow your blog!

    PS. Glad that little one is home!

  8. I LOVE the bag and am definitely follower!:) I could use the sewing stuff when u teach me to sew-ha!!:) so adorable!!!

  9. Love the pink bag and lovin' that you are lovin' it!!

  10. Im so glad your daughter is home and healthy! It really puts thankfulness in perspective.
    The bags are adorable, all of the colors are cute! Would love to win!

  11. Also I follow your blog in google reader

  12. Holy Shamoly!! I am lovin all of it! I think I'll make the cake later today! Honestly though I think I am lovin that sweet little girl the most. My girls have a suprise for her on Tuesday!