Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Leaves and Pillowcase Dresses

The giant tree in our front yard with its giant leaves make autumn fun. The leaves pile up and crunch beneath the kid's feet and they love being outside playing in them. It made for a great bribe to get a few pictures of the new dresses I made up for the girls. 

lip gloss and blush were also part of the bribe...these girls are tough
 do you spy with your little eye my little guy?
Pillowcase dresses are everywhere and I had idea whether or not they'd be hard to make or not, but I have wanted to make them for a long I wish I wouldn't have waited so long! I literally made these two dresses in an afternoon. There are many patterns out there for pillowcase dresses and I've read through many of them but Pink Poodle Bow makes a really easy to follow one and I love the results.
This dress is the Kaylee dress. There are many more I am wanting to try out, especially the Reese, the Grace, and the! PDF sewing patterns can be a little pricy but these patterns are 2 for $10! There are a huge range of sizes and some really cute baby rompers.  Alisha knows cute!

The fabric was chosen by Caroline (seriously, you had to know that, right?) and is soft, thick, and easy to sew with. I was online fabric shopping and was on Poppy Seed Fabric's site and Caroline asked if she could pick some out. Since I am hoping to get her hooked on fabric hoarding and eventually sewing, I was happy to have her sit with me and pour over the many, many choices. 
Kim of Poppy Seed Fabrics has some great sales going on and lots of Anna Maria Horner and lots of voile fabric. 
here are some of my favorite finds from her shop right now:
She also has a fantastic blog! Do visit her!


  1. Hi Kristen!
    Thanks for leaving me a comment so I could find your CUTE blog!
    Your kiddos are adorable!!
    And those pillow case dresses? SO cute! And the skirt you made, oh my, cuteness is right.
    My Mom sews and I am dying to learn some basics one of these days! Nice to meet ya. :)

  2. You're so making me want to bust out my sewing machine!