Sunday, January 15, 2012


I have been drooling over this pattern for a while. I love bags and rarely make them. I love clutch purses and rarely buy them. I love Amy Butler fabric and patterns and happen to have lots of each. 
This clutch was surprisingly easy to make, quick to assemble, and cuter than I imagined. It is sturdy thanks to lots of interfacing and layers. It closes at the top with two almost invisible magnets and it is roomy! It honestly fits every bit as much as my regular purse (magazine, wallet, candy, granola bar, and 17 lipsticks). 

Teri at buy design fabrics has all of your Amy Butler love covered. She carries the thread (hard to find and never at these prices!), fabric, and patterns. I also love that she ships immediately to you as instant gratification is my middle name. She also carries the Sari fabric that is used on the cover of the pattern. 

Here is the clutch I made.
see? BIG, no?
You want this purse don't you? Go ahead, tell me all about how you want this little purse. 
No. Seriously. Tell me and I will send it to you. One lucky duck winner will get this very clutch next week.

Also, Teri is venturing into handmade cutie pie things like crochet hats and visit her...she is creative and crafty!


  1. I LOVE this bag!!! So adorable~you are so crafty. Can't wait for you to teach me more of your sewing secrets:)

  2. Yes I want this clutch oh so cute! I got a sewing machine for Christmas now I need to learn how to use it. You need to come over and give me lessons!

  3. That is fall-over WONDERFUL!!! I love it. I mean REALLY love it! The pattern, the fabric, every single thing about it!!!!

  4. Oh, girl! This bag is amazing!!! I love the beautiful bright colors!!! I'd sooo love to carry it around! :) I totally must learn how to sew better!!

  5. The clutch is SUPER cute. LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. This would be awesome for when I'm running errands with the kids. Instead of hauling a huge diaper bag into every place, this would hold all I need!

  7. K-
    I cannot believe that you made that bag! awesome!

  8. ummmm so yeah...I'm sure I missed the cut off.. but am thinking I need to make this one too!I seriously love everything about it! Good job girl!