Thursday, January 26, 2012

Londa's Creative Threads

Oh boy! Do you know Londa? I bumped into her shop and scooped up some deals! She carries patterns, books, needles, scissors, patterns, cutting mats, thread, rotary cutters, and almost everything you might need. Her prices are much cheaper than my local big-box craft store and she carries some high-end supplies that you can't find anywhere else (and certainly if you do, you won't find them for these prices!). Look at my haul... 
universal needles $2.28
elsewhere over $3.50

THESE-ARE-ONLY-FOR-FABRIC Scissors (that's what I named them)
Kai Scissors under $25 
elsewhere on the web I've seen them for over $37!
{these are awesome. I've only had them for a few days, but wow! they make me want to put away my rotary cutter!}

Sew What You Love by Tanya Whelan
This book has 30 projects and patterns and it is awesome! 
Londa sells this book for over $5 under list price as well as many, many other books!

Visit Londa. Visit her NOW because she is offering FREE SHIPPING (case sensitive code, luvfreeship) until Jan 31! Visit her because she creates her own line of EASY and SIMPLE patterns (I got my hands on one and can't wait to try it). Visit her because she supports some beautiful charities. Visit her because you love her blog....just visit her!

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