Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gymnastics and other cute things

Sam and Emma Kate have asked to take gymnastics and we enrolled them in once a week lessons last week. They loved it! The teachers are wonderful and they had a blast.

When Caroline heard us talking about getting them enrolled, she asked if she could do it too. We have offered it to her in the past and she has always turned us down, but since she brought it up, we thought we'd give it a chance.
Look at the face....she had that smile on her sweet little face for the entire hour!

While Caroline had her lesson, Mario practiced.
Here he is with the mushroom that made him grow.
Here he is after bumping into a turtle and shrinking.

Here is is with firepower throwing fire balls.
 Gymnastics was a treat. I adore watching and seeing them have such fun!
School is also going well. I was a little concerned that after Christmas break they would have difficulty transitioning to going back, but they were ready.
oohh, I could pinch her.
and them

seriously...pinch them

aren't I lucky that my kids love to have their pictures made?
look at her smiling on cue!
oh! spoke too soon...
looks like "game over" for Mario

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  1. Those kids are so darn cute! I just love those little faces!