Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pintrest: where I stand and why I've never been popular

Very often in life, I've not been popular. I don't just mean popular as being in the "cool"crowd (I wasn't that either) but popular as in going with the majority. For instance, I don't like seafood. Growing up on the beach, that wasn't the norm. Not popular. I cried when my daughter started Kindergarten while other moms were high-fiving each other. My tears were not popular. I don't watch Glee, The Bachelor, or any major sporting event. Definitely NOT popular with the majority of women or my husband.

The other big thing that I just can't "get" is Pintrest. There, OK, I said it. I don't like Pintrest. I've got an account. I've got a few board with a few things pinned and every day I get a few new followers (I'm sure it isn't long before they are disappointed!). Correct me if I am mistaken, but I think Pintrest is an online bulletin board where you "pin" things you like and others can borrow your idea. Is that it? I hear people talking about losing hours to Pintrest. I must be missing something. I know friends who get great ideas for birthday parties (and actually use them) and decorating ideas that are inexpensive for their homes. Again, I am missing something. My problem isn't inspiration, which I guess Pintrest is for, but time implementing all the things I already know I want to do. So there. I said it. 
Millions of people love Pintrest and then there is me (although, in looking for Pintrest statistics, I found a survey where 3% of people polled don't just dislike it, but HATE it. interesting.)


  1. This cracks me up. Seeing the inside of your house, which is absolutely gorgeous, I wouldn't change a thing. I look around my house and can think of a million things that I want to do and/or change. I loved Pinterest at first, and sometimes I get on to kill time while Todd is watching a ball game or something, but I've found that after being on it for awhile, it's all repetitive. It's not very often that I find something that "wows" me anymore. Now when I do get on, it's usually to check something that I know I pinned, in an effort to "do" and not "pin" :) Notice the word "effort"... it's a work in progress!

  2. Now see, I would have thought you'd be one that liked it. I kept saying, "I can't believe Kristen isn't on it." :)