Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 3 of Thanks

One of the best pieces of advice came to me while I was student teaching. My mentor teacher, Jennifer Godfrey, noticed I was having a crumby day and said to me, "the best thing about bad days is that they never come in twos". She was right...usually when you have a rotten day, the next seems better (I mean, it's GOT to be better by comparison at least). Today was a day we will be happy to have only one of. Caroline didn't want to wear what I had picked her out for school ( I normally give her a choice, but with leaving this week to visit family, I am reserving certain things for the suitcase), she didn't like the way I combed her hair, she didn't want a banana for breakfast, she wanted juice and not milk, she didn't want to go to school and cried, she let the dogs out on her way to the garage instead of waiting inside while I buckled up Sam. She is a toddler! Sometimes my expectations of her are too high and I can be too tough on her. She is a great kid, but boy was this a rough morning! Every now and then, we get a wake up call to let some of the little things go and enjoy our children in the stages they are in. After being so stern and mean-sounding, I am resolving to giggle and play the rest of the day with her and to make the rest of the day less yucky...for both of us!

Caroline: I am thankful for my Bunny
Kristen: thankful that the bad days make you appreciate the good ones more and that rarely do bad days come in twos...

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  1. I am enjoying these series of entries.

    Sorry you had a crumby day, but the day is not over yet, and, like you noted, I know you can turn it around. :)