Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Days 6-10 of Thanks

Day 6:
Caroline: Doc and M coming with us on our trip
Kristen: DITTO!

Day 7:
Caroline: my new little bed at Grandma's house. I think it is cozy. (Caroline ended up sleeping with us in our room at Grandmas's on a make-shift bed of blankets and a changing table cushion).
Kristen: three precious kids who slept all night long in a new environment without a peep

Day 8:
Caroline: Jonah. Mommy, he is a nice boy.
Kristen: Getting to see almost everyone from Pittsburg on our trip. What a treat to catch up and visit. It really IS the simple things in life!

Day 9:
Caroline: Xuxa (the Brazilian kid's show she watches over and over and over again)
Kristen: a safe trip and extra hands. Matthew and I ended up with migraines and the kids had horrible ear aches on the plane. Our crew was restless and loud and we didn't make many friends on our flights, but I am thankful for my in-laws who made the rough patches so much easier and loved our family.

Day 10:
Caroline: new groceries (we replenished this morning and the girls went to "help"...Princess cookies, marshmallows, Dora soup, Cars yogurt...you get the picture)
Kristen: bring home and in my nest. No matter where you go or for how long and wonderful, nothing is like being home again!

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