Friday, November 27, 2009

A Thankful Table

Christmas before last (2007), my grandmother gave me her set of china. She knows how much I love plates and setting a pretty table, but it was the year that I was pregnant with the twins, and I never got around to unpacking and washing it all. Life only got busier from there and the boxes remained in the attic...until this week. It was life Christmas all over again to open the boxes and unwrap each piece from the newsprint. It not only looked beautiful on our Thanksgiving table, but it was meaningful to use because I love my grandmother quite a bit (make that quite a lot!). Thanks Gigi!

Days 21- 26 of Thanks
Day 21
Caroline: My family
Kristen: our van...Julie posted this on her days of thanks and it really drives home (pardon the pun) that we get into our car almost daily with three precious children and don't worry about breaking down or making it to our destination. We don't worry about how we are going to get somewhere because we own our own vehicles and don't have to rely on others or public transportation. This isn't the case everywhere or for everyone, so I am thankful that we have our minivan (yep, thankful for a sure does change, doesn't it?).

Day 22
Caroline: books and going to the library
Kristen: terrific neighbors...we live on a street with the nicest people. I am pleased to be able to call these neighbors our friends. I can call them to grab our mail when we are gone, I have a pet-sitting co-op going with two families, and I also get to have girl's night out and play dates with them. They are caring and friendly and I am so glad that we live near them all!

Day 23
Caroline: My Princess Car
Kristen: Health Insurance....there is a lot in the media about health care reform and insurance (or lack thereof). We are fortunate enough to not only be able to afford the doctor visits when we are sick, but when we are healthy for checkups and well visits as well. I don't know what the solution is to getting affordable health care to everyone in America, but I am very thankful for the coverage that our family has.

Day 24
Caroline: my family
Kristen: the military. My father retired from the Marines, Matthew's cousin Tim was in the service and went to Iraq three times, Bea's husband Chris is on his third tour right now, and my cousin Jacob is thinking of enlisting out of high school. I am in awe of the commitment and bravery these men show to serve for us. I am so thankful that we live in a free country because of the men and women who make it and keep it so.

Day 25
Caroline: my friends. I love them and they love me.
Kristen: that my children feel loved by so many people. There has been several cases in the news lately about missing children or worse, those who have been found but not safely. My heart breaks to think that they didn't feel loved or safe in their last minutes of life. My children are so fortunate to feel loved and doted on by so many people in their life. Who could want much more for their kiddos?

Day 26
Caroline: food. we have a lot of food today, Mommy. and my family and my bunny, and my princess car, and my brother and sister (hey, I just write down what she says).
Kristen: I am thankful that my life is exactly as it is. I wouldn't trade with anyone! I am loved and safe, we have a home and food, great kids and parents, friends and neighbors, money to cover the bills and sometimes even enough for the extras. While our thankful list is complete, I hope that I can remain as grateful for all that I have in the future as I am today.

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