Monday, November 16, 2009

Days 14-16 of Thanks

Day 14:
Caroline: Princess dresses
Kristen: Having girls! I am a girly girl. I love hair and make up, clothes and shoes. I am ecstatic that I get to share these things with daughters that love it as much as I do. We got to share some of this at Jillian's 4th birthda party...princess themed party. It was a blast....the girls made crowns, dressed up paper dolls, were read to by the "real Belle", and had lots of royal snacks. What a treat to be with my girl!

Day 15:
Caroline: playing with Daddy
Kristen: My husband. It is wonderful to spend my life with my best friend who loves our children and loves me no matter how ill behaved we are. I am so happy that my children have an involved father that is fun and supportive and helps their mother so willingly.

Day 16:
Caroline: playing outside
Kristen: health. We have all had very minor coughs and colds on and off for a month or more. It is difficult to do my job while feeling a little under the weather and it is hard to be a baby and not feel your best either. As much as I have complained about not feeling one hundred percent, how many people would trade their illnesses for these? I am blessed and feel lucky that the only illness on my plate are very tiny colds. How many mothers would rather have a toddler with a snuffy nose for what their children are facing medically? I am so thankful to have three vibrant, healthy children, for a very healthy husband, and to be pretty healthy myself.

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