Friday, November 20, 2009

Days 18-20 of Thanks

Day 18
Caroline: Bunny (repeats? I think it still counts when you are three)
Kristen: Great-Grandparents. My kids have four great-grandparents that love them and spoil them. That is so incredibly rare these days and I am so glad that my kids have gotten to know the neat people that our grandparents are.

Day 19:
Caroline: For you Mommy (Finally! Didn't think that was ever going to happen)
Kristen: Matt's safe return. Matt was away on business for three nights and I am so glad that it was an uneventful trip and that he made it back to us safely. I never sleep as well when he is away, so I am also thankful for that reason to have him back home!

Day 20:
Caroline: My brother (very sweetly said while sitting across from him at breakfast)
Kristen: Weekends. We are fortunate enough to have the weekends together as a family. No one works on the weekends and we often spend the entire two days together in our pajamas. I am almost giddy by the time Friday rolls around...I love them!

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  1. Your kids look so great! I can't wait to meet Emma Kate and Sam.