Thursday, September 16, 2010

After bath: The aftermath

Routine is very important in our house. After dinner, we bath the kids, play in their rooms, watch a show, read a book, and get them tucked in. The other night Matt played with them after their bath and I cleaned up the dinner mess (is that a fair trade off?). Once done, I called the kids downstairs to watch Dora. Matt stayed upstairs and I assumed that he was getting his clothes ready for work, but after five minutes he didn't join us. After ten minutes he didn't join us. After Dora had ended he hadn't joined us.  Where was he? He was napping. On Sam's floor.  Now THAT is tired!


  1. OMG--did you think he was dead?
    that is so funny! Otis has fallen asleep while reading Anna Jane her bedtime stories! I just relish in the "Alone Time"!