Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I love the rainy nights

Matt and I have joked for years that we are the ideal candidates for life in Seattle. We love the cozy, rainy, gray days. After a long dry summer, the rain we've had for the last couple of days has been a welcome sight. When the kids asked to play outside in it, I was all too happy to get them suited up (how nice to play outdoors without sunscreen or sweating!).
 looking up at the rain
 love this face...squealing with delight

 splashing and not getting in trouble for playing in the water (like he does when he splashes in the dog's water bowl, toilet, or sink using his step stool)
 a cleaned out sandbox made for a great wading pool
 here comes big sis (think she might have hurdles in her future!)

 love the action shots!

3/4 of my favorite people all in one place (4/4 watching football on the couch. don't act surprised)

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  1. You are such a great mom. I have always wanted Luke to play in the rain but have yet to do it. This rain sure has been refreshing.