Monday, September 6, 2010

First Day of School

We have completed the first week of school. I've been putting this post off all week because I prefer to only put upbeat and positive posts on this blog (who wants to read anything negative?). I've been blessed with three smart, funny, happy children who love being together and love being at home with their family. They get along with their friends, but they are really three peas in a pod who need little else in their life. Caroline gets very anxious at drop-off time at school and always has. This is her third year at the preschool and it is as rough now as it was when she was a two year old. The twins are taking to school much in the same way. As a mother, it is a heartbreaking scene. I worry about them and how they are feeling the entire time they are at school. For years now, people have told me that it will get better and that Caroline is "just shy" or "takes a while to warm up" but I've always known it was more than that. I am her mother and I know her well. We tried enrolling her in dance class (something that she begged for and desperately wanted to do) and she froze with fear and wouldn't participate. We are currently on a soccer team, and as expected, she isn't interested in the team dynamic. 

Like any other situation in life, it isn't what happens to you but how you deal with it. We've spoken with our pediatrician and our basic course of action is to wait this out with patience and love and to limit the amount of new programs we throw her into. We are taking her to soccer as a family and if she doesn't participate than so be it. We are taking her to school three days a week and assuring her each day that we love her, will always come back for her, and hope that she has a great day. We are holding off on dance and gymnastics until she seems ready or until she asks for lessons again (we've told her to tell us when she feels ready). Other than that, all we can do it wait and pray.

Here are the three amigos on the first day of school

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  1. Awww...geez. Makes it hard, doesn't it. It's like vaccinations: we know that it is the right thing to do, but tears and wimpers make us feel like dirt for doing it.
    Just keep up the happy front. I'm sure that they are all happy once they are settled in for the day. It's that initial loss of the familiar that is so matter how many times we do it.