Thursday, September 16, 2010


"How long are you going to refer to them as 'the babies'?" Matt asked me the other night. I didn't have an answer to this (other than, "they ARE my babies"). They still seem so small and young to me. Didn't I just bring them home from the hospital? Weren't they just a little over five pounds (if you've held Sam lately, you know it's been awhile)? 

Sam and Emma Kate have reached several milestones in the last few months though. They've given up their "ga gas" (pacifiers). They've also gone through potty training and are pretty close to being fully into underwear. They are drinking out of big-kid cups. The eat cereal and milk without making a big mess. They are going to preschool (and loving it now, thank-you-very-much). To round out their new found big-kidness, we took the fronts off of the cribs and now they are in "big girl" and "big boy" beds! Do they stay in them? YES!!! Emma Kate falls out a time or two each night, but they love being in these! I am so proud of them for these steps and milestones.  It is wonderful to see them progress.  

So how much longer will I call them "the babies"?

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