Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Pack

Matt scored some GREAT seats to the opening NCSU football game. We started the night with dinner at Wendy's, then walked around the stadium, and watched the first half of the game. 
Emma Kate enjoyed people watching
Caroline wondered why the line dancers could show their bellies but she can't.

Sam loved getting such a closer view of the players
but the highlight of the evening for the kids was the free Wolfpack chapstick that was handed out as you entered into the gates...layer upon layer upon layer was applied

the seats were awesome, the weather was perfect, the score was terrific, and our "pack" was a joy to have with us...what a great Saturday!


  1. Glad you guys had a great time. Regarding Caroline and the belly showing. I have a friend who tells her girls "modest is hottest!!" :)

  2. Great pictures Kristen! Glad everyone had a good time, and you have to be happy that there was at least something at the game for everyone. I'm guessing Matthew didn't care about the chapstick, but enjoyed the great seats. :)