Friday, February 4, 2011


picture taken from bake at 350
I want YOU to start a blog. Blogs are such a fun way to keep up with your "real-life" friends as well make new, virtual ones. It is a great way to learn something new, get out of your comfort zone, grab some inspiration, and have a little fun on your coffee break. From blogging and blog-stalking, I've learned how to make beautiful sugar cookies and use royal icing. Two of my favorite blogs, Annie's Eats and Bake at 350 taught me how.

I also got some great dinner ideas and new recipes from Vittles Divine you all know about my big love for The Pionner Woman. Where would I be without her?! Almost everyone I know has endured me going on and on and on about her and many of them have also purchased her cookbook...see? blogging!

I also love to read Blooming on Bainbridge which is about a southerner transplanted in the Pacific Northwest. She is very cute and very pink. She inspired me to drink a giant jug of water every day...inspiration from blogging! I mean, look at what her and I have in common! Other blogs I read are motherhood and life related. Some of my favorites are Nienie dialogues, TidyMom,  and All things heart and home. One of my favorite places to go when I ought to be doing laundry is Shabbyblogs.  She has great tutorials about how to make your blog super cute and how to add headers, buttons, and dividers.
 It is also fun to watch the stats on your I leared that we've had viewers from Alasksa (hi guys!), Italy (salve!), the United Kingdom (hello!), South Korea (ahhn niyong!), Canada (hello, eh!), Germany (Hi Sophia!), Australia (hi mates!), the United Arab Emirates (salem wa aleikum), and Russia (privyet!) (all of this is very interesting to me because this has been a private blog!). Blogging is a fun way to connect with people, both friends you already have and those yet to meet. Get started!


  1. You inspired me to make a baby blog. :) You can read it here:

  2. Kristen,

    Funny you should post this...I started a blog a couple weeks ago as a way of getting all my recipes in one place for my boys. I will eventually look into printing it for them to have a hard copy. It won't be real fancy, but it will be a place they can go when they crave something from home...take a peek if you would like


  3. You are so sweet! Thank you for including me in the same post with some of MY favorite bloggers!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. YEAH!
    You started a blog!
    It's a NEW~DAY!
    A new~life!
    Tell your hubby he better WATCH out!
    Being married to A BLOGGER is not an easy task!
    Have you seen the movie "Julie and Julia?"
    My Hub and I laughed all the way through this!
    Its the life we lead together with ME as a BLOGGER!
    I will email you!
    Share your HEART!
    Have FUN...and Be ReAL!