Thursday, February 17, 2011


Sometimes Matthew thinks I am nuts because it takes very, very little to make me pretty happy. For instance, he brought home a bag of chocolates last week and I was over the moon (it was unexpected and completely thoughtful). When Dunkin' Donuts gave me a large coffee for the price of a small and told me it was their mistake, I was delighted. Dunkin' Donuts makes me happy. Period. Other things I really love are seeing the girls having such fun together.
 It was my wish from the beginning that they would have strong sibling bonds and little glimpses like these into their world give me hope that my wish is coming true. 

Kid art work makes me completely giddy and the latest installment that came home from preschool the other day made me happy. I think Emma Kate nailed it on the head....that IS Sam! This is going into a frame and will never leave. 
I am happy when our Netflix DVDs come in the mail (we are on a Big Love kick right now and I will be in mourning when the series is over). Clean, organized houses and folded laundry make me happy (doing the work to get there doesn't). Flavored coffee creamer, stacks of coupons at the register, clean children, new recipes that turn out, Hershey Kisses with cherry cordial liquid inside, fabric softener, getting new make-up, clorox wipes, and coffee dates with friends also makes me very, very happy (did I mention Dunkin' Donuts really does it for me?). What makes you happy? 


  1. That sibling bond thing makes me very happy, too. A couple nights ago Drew called Caleb and they talked quite a while. Then Drew called me and talked like 30 seconds...but I wasn't disappointed, I was thrilled he used some of his free time to call his brother:)
    Off the wall thing that makes me happy...a very clean car!

  2. hahaha, i posted today--titled *crabby mc crabberson*. if i had to chose the one lesson/gift i wanted for my boys, it would be that they would love and support each other, unconditionally and forever. it thrills me daily, (my boys are 10 and 16). i'm easily amused and happy too. i think it's a gift.

  3. I love this post! Coffee in the morning, a good book to read, clean sheets on the bed, and watching my kids interact with each other. Those are my happys!