Monday, February 7, 2011

same face, new name

When I started this blog a few years ago I was sleep deprived and caring for newborn twins and an active twenty month old. I was concerned more with getting the blog up and running than picking a name that made sense or was fitting of what I was envisioning. "Kristen plus three"made sense in a way, the blog was sort of capturing my days at home with the kids before Matthew got home, but after I used that name, I hated that is left him out. Because I call our home "our nest" and the blog has the nickname of "the nest" I always regretted not using that in the I figured out how to change the title! If you are reading this, then you aren't lost...bookmark us, write the new address down, grab our button...I don't want to lose you (but I sure do like the name much better!)


  1. Yeah!
    LOVE the new name!

  2. Oh!
    Your kiddos are ADORABLE!
    And so are YOU!
    HUGS for a HAPPY week!