Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm Lovin' it

When one of my friends tells me about something that they love, I can't wait to try it. I like the sections of magazines that list new makeup to try and love the section in Redbook that lists 50 bargains for under $50. Here is what I am lovin' right now
 I fought the skinny jeans and boot trend. I thought that it wasn't me and I wasn't cool enough to pull it off. Once I decided that I really did love it and really wanted a pair (this happened around the time I discovered The Pioneer Woman) it took me quite awhile to narrow it down to just which pair I wanted. After lots and lots of research, I found these. Matthew didn't bat and eye when said that I liked them and actually encouraged me to get them for Christmas. I love them more and more every time I wear them. 
I love it. I am happy to report that I am down to just one (sometimes two on a busy day) a day. thank-you-very-much.

Even on my sickest days, I have on a few coats of mascara. I feel naked without it. This is my current favorite. I think the cheaper, drugstore brands work better than anything I've tried from a department store. 

 This was in my stocking one year at Doc and M's house and I've worn it ever since. It is a great cross between wearing a light pink and wearing a clear coat (does that make any sense at all?). In the last Redbook, I read that Giada wears this shade. That has NO bearing on me because I have a lot of mixed feelings about her...moving right along...
This is my latest love. It hides every little line, crease, pore, and dent that your skin might have. It makes makeup glide into place and stay there. I have used primers before that have been much more expensive and haven't worked nearly as well. I use this at night as a moisturizer and under makeup in the morning. At $13 (and there are almost always coupons for it online and in the paper) it is a steal. I am still on my first bottle and it has been almost four months.

These are a few MY most loved items (at the moment)....what are yours?
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  1. hehe...Giada...big teeth--and could your shirt be any lower cut? and you could use a good supportive bra. Now, Sandra Lee--you are another story: your boobs just annoy me to no end! Who is your stylist and why haven't you fired them? I am...ahem...endowed. But, honestly, if your job is on TV--get those puppies under control ladies. Amen. Thank you for your support.

  2. Great list of loves!!! I use that mascara too and LOVE it!!

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. Ok, these are ALL my top favorite things!! Kindred spirits...possibly! Cute, cute blog :)

  4. I was the same way with skinny jeans and boots! But I've embraced it. :) I use that mascara, too, and I LOVE it! I used to spend $25 on Chanel because it was so good and so worth it, but this stuff is just as good for $7!

  5. Totally fought the the skinny jeans and boots trend too but am wearing my leggings as I type. I'm completely addicted now. Love that nail polish too but haven't tried the mascara. Thanks for the idea.

  6. I've been on the hunt for a good mascara, so I will give this one a try, for sure!

  7. those frye boots are my favorite!!!!! and i now must try that primer:)